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AstroWorld Tragedy

After viewing multiple news reports, social media posts, and hearing the stories of those who made it out describe what it was like up close and personal, Travis Scott and the entire AstroWorld staff are completely at fault in my opinion. I say this because, as seen in multiple videos showing the perspective from thoseContinue reading “AstroWorld Tragedy”

Rap vs Police

Self expression comes in many forms whether it be a teenager dying his/her hair multi-colors, or an artist drawing out how they feel, the same is for music it is a form of release for those who create it. Commonly seen most Hip Hop artist tend to be African American or people of color, whichContinue reading “Rap vs Police”

Racial Identity:

After watching all of the videos listed in the assignment module given. The video that stood out to me the most was the video of rapper Hopspin discussing how he was criticized for talking proper English and how he didn’t really fit in with anyone. Throughout the entire interview he did, I could relate andContinue reading “Racial Identity:”

The Role of a Rapper:

Today the biggest influence on society is social media and music. Social media being kind of similar to the food chain. The self made millionaires at the top, coke bottle shaped models in line next, the athletes, then the rich rappers/musicians, and finally us common folk coming in last. However, the most criticized portion ofContinue reading “The Role of a Rapper:”

Creative Genius

The rap community has grown tremendously since it first began and today there are so many great artist who can easily take the title for being the “most creative”. However, for this post I must give the title to two profound women who have surely taken the rap world by storm. Nicki Minaj and CardiContinue reading “Creative Genius”

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